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This is what sets MTA apart from other martial arts schools and after school activities.

The objective of Mentors Taekwondo Academy (MTA) is not to create a professional fighter.  Rather, the goal is to raise your children into valuable assets of our society. However, since there is no written textbook or a guide that tells us how to properly teach the ways of martial arts; the knowledge, philosophy, and teaching skills of the martial art academy and instructors are very important.

Many different types of sports and activities can satisfy the needs of physical health. However, Mentors Taekwondo Academy will not only develop your child’s physical fitness but more importantly, we build life improving character traits:

  • Personality/Character Building
  • Respect
  • Personal Relations
  • Positive Attitude/Behavior
  • Confidence/Discipline
  • Leadership

Our 45 minute class does not entirely consist of punching, kicking, and physical training. Programs at MTA will forever instill empowering beliefs and a respectable character in your child.

Meditating with music prior to class allows for a calm and focused environment. After our students are fully stretched, they will listen to our one-of-a-kind MTA character education. (You can see an example at our MTA Gallery & Media Page). Then, they will proceed with:

  • A Physical Conditioning Program
  • Main Curriculum
  • Finishing Exercises

The classes at MTA are not planned spontaneously; rather, they are strategically structured to develop every aspect of physicality and the character traits of our students.